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Nationwide Transporters Group, Inc. is a full-service transportation provider, specializing in 8-10 car carriers, gooseneck trailers, wedge trailers and more. We work hard to get our customers the best available auto transportation rates! Establishing ourselves as one of the world’s best transportation providers will not happen overnight, but we work hard every day for our customers offering a wide range of customized worldwide transportation and logistics solutions. The relationships that we have built over the years with truck, oceanic, and air carriers equate to greater flexibility and a multitude of equipment options to bring vehicles to customers. Our experience in the transportation industry makes it feasible to follow trends in the market and make informed decisions as to when surplus might be an issue. Our ultimate goal is to leverage the purchasing strength in the market to give our customers the best available rates. Our fleet is equipped with the latest in vehicle monitoring technology and quality reporting – keeping our customers well-informed throughout the auto shipping process. For these demanding divisions, we provide 100% air-ride equipment, including flatbed, step deck, goose-neck, car carrier and wedge trailers.

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We monitor our network of carriers, holding certificates and receiving updates for any and all changes that may be made. This ensures that your vehicle will be covered every step of the way. Nationwide Transporters Group, Inc. requires carriers to maintain a minimum of $250,000 cargo insurance, but we work closely with the companies that go above and beyond legal limits. Our carriers are all UCR registered, BOC3 compliant, fully insured, DOT inspected and certified, and are required to submit proof of necessary permits needed throughout state-to-state travel in order to ensure a timely delivery. Nationwide Transporters Group, Inc. customizes your needs at competitive prices. Our drivers are ready to assist you with an efficient and on-time service.

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