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Going South for the Winter – 5 Reasons to Ship Your Car

Living in a warmer climate during the cold winter months is a “dream come true” for so many people these days. You’ve worked hard for decades and you deserve to take it easy and enjoy life. However, when you make the move every six months you face a problem. How do you get your car to your winter or summer destination? You could make the long drive but there is a better solution. Why not talk to an auto transport company and ship your vehicle instead? Here are five good reasons to consider this strategy.

What is an Auto Transport Service?

Auto shipping companies specialize in transporting vehicles. You only need to call them and they are there to help you through the entire process. You can choose from several shipping options and the best companies quote you a price that includes insurance. You take no risks and it is one less thing to worry about when you move.


Drive Your Own Car

You know your car and how it handles. Why rent a vehicle that’s strange to you and takes a lot of time to get used to? You are staying in a better climate to make life easier, so why not make driving easier and more convenient too?


Cost-effective Solution

You could rent a vehicle for your entire stay. However, this can get very expensive when you rent for six months or so. You’ll save a lot of money if you contact a vehicle transport company for snowbirds and ship your car to your summer or winter home.



Statistics show it’s safer to fly when you travel. Airlines have a better safety record than cars. If you choose to drive many miles you might fall asleep at the wheel or some careless driver may run into your vehicle, resulting in serious injury or even death. You don’t have to take chances like these when you go with a trusted car shipping service. They see to all the details and track your vehicle while it’s in transport. You can fly to your seasonal destination in comfort.


Easier for RVers

With a great RV, you take your home with you. Buy why tow your car and put all that unnecessary strain on your RV home? With a car in tow, it’s hard to park and difficult to drive. You have to constantly be aware of your vehicle and this is a major headache.


Peace of Mind

You retired to make life simpler and more fun. When you use a top auto transport service they handle everything and you have nothing to worry about. This is a good way to lower stress and relax.


Things to Remember

A trusted car transport company simplifies your relocation and is cheaper than renting a vehicle. You can ship your car and fly to your summer or winter home. RVers won’t have to tow their cars and you can rest easy when you turn this job over to professionals with years of experience transporting vehicles across the country. The quote is free and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Book your vehicle transport ahead of time and save with our Seasonal Snowbird Discounts. We are able to give discounted rates to our snowbird vehicle shipping customers because we own our own carriers. When booking with us, your vehicle shipment is scheduled far in advance for a guaranteed spot on one of our trucks. Your vehicle will have priority placement, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle shipment is booked.

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