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How It Works

Our Simple 5-Step Auto Shipping Process Our 5 Step Process makes it easy for you to understand your vehicle shipping order from Start to Finish.
Step 1
Get an INSTANT Auto Shipping Quote.
Contact us today for a FREE auto transport quote, one of our dispatchers will be glad to assist with the best available options for all your transport needs. You may call 888-509-9120 now to speak directly with a member from our team.
Step 2

Your Shipment Booked.

Once booked, we start the screening process in which we review all qualified transporters that match your specific route and timeframe.
Step 3

Carrier Dispatched.

Our dispatch team will assign a carrier to your order within 3-5 days. You will be notified of projected pickup and delivery dates scheduled for transport.
Step 4

Your Vehicle Picked Up.

Our driver will contact the pickup location approximately 24 hours prior to arrival, then again 2 hours before pickup. Once met, both the driver and pickup contact will inspect the vehicle to verify current condition, the vehicle is loaded, strapped down and begins journey to it’s final destination.
Step 5

Your Vehicle Delivered.

Driver again will contact the delivery location 2 hours prior to arrival; vehicle is unloaded and a thorough inspection done to ensure it is in the same condition as when picked up. If a remaining balance is due, it may be paid to the driver at this time.
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